Medals Description Recipients


Sonic Trophy
Blue speed demon that's the heart and soul of his videogame series. Earned at 50 posts. Deku_Link
Tails Trophy
Sonic's sidekick who is often more adored than he is. Earned at 100 posts. Deku_Link
Knuckles Trophy
Don't mess with Rad Red. Earn at 150 Posts Deku_Link
Amy Trophy
The little pink fangirl of the sonic series. Earn at 200 posts. Deku_Link
Chaos Trophy
When the world starts to crumble... blame this guy. Earn at 300 posts Deku_Link
Shadow Trophy
When your past is as confusing as the Matrix trilogy, I wouldn't blame you from simply dropping it and walking away. Earn at 400 posts. Deku_Link
Silver Trophy
When your future is as confusing as... Wait a minute... Earn at 500 Posts Medal Not Issued
Klonoa Trophy
The amazing Dream Traveler with more mystical adventures under his belt than you've had hot meals. Earned for story kept up more than 10 chapters. Medal Not Issued
Veteran Trophy
Trophy for the veterans of Mobius Online Deku_Link
Chaos Emerald Trophy
Mystical jewel with limitless ammounts of contained energy. Medal Not Issued

Category 2

A simple emblem Medal Not Issued
Tails Emblem
Ultimate Trophy
the trophy for 800+ posts, or beyond the above and beyond Medal Not Issued